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COCO Pilates & BodyWorks studio is the premier alternative pilates studio in the Fort Mill and South Charlotte area. COCO's is NOT a gym. Rather, we are set apart through our unique combination of services, products and ambiance, providing a relaxing & rejuvenating atmosphere where your mind and body can connect. COCO is an environmentally conscious studio that is concerned not only with physical beauty but also with rehabilitating the body from muscular/skeletal imbalances and injuries. Our desire is to create a positive, peaceful environment where people may gather & linger and enjoy a cup of tea. Why not treat yourself to the COCO experience? You'll be glad you did.

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Class Schedule*

NEW!  9:30a JUMP! Plyo & Pole (Studio B) Jennifer
  11:45a Private Training (By Appointment) Jennifer
  5:45p Flow Reformer (Phase 2)(Studio B) Jennifer
  6:45p Beginner Reformer (Phase 1)(Studio B) Melissa

NEW! The MIX (Studio B)

  9:30a Flow Reformer (Phase 2)(Studio B) Jennifer

Beginner Reformer (Phase 1)(Studio B)

  10:30a Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
  11:30a Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
  12:30a Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
NEW! 6:45p BodyROCK (Studio A) Andrea
  7:45p Flow Reformer (Phase 2)(Studio B) Andrea
NEW!  9:30a The MIX  (Studio B) Jennifer
  12noon Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
  5:45p Flow Reformer (Phase 2)(Studio B) Jennifer
NEW!  6:45p JUMP! Plyo & Pole (Studio B) Jennifer
  7:45p Beginner Reformer (Phase1)(Studio B) Jennifer
  10:45a Beginner Reformer(Phase 1) (Studio B) Jennifer
  6:45p J.A.M. (Studio B) Andrea
  7:45p Beginner Reformer (Phase 1) (Studio B) Andrea
  9:00a FLOW Reformer(Studio B) Melissa
  10:00a Beginner Reformer(Phase 1) (Studio B) Melissa
  10:00a Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
  11:00a Private Training (by appointment) Jennifer
  9:00a Beginner Reformer (Phase 1)(Studio B) Trainer Rotation
  10:00a Flow Reformer/Jump Board/MVe Chair Trainer Rotation
  11:00 Pilates Fundamentaal w/ Jennifer (held monthly) (Studio B) Jennifer

*Schedule and instructor subject to change.

For the most current, up-to-date class schedule, please check our booking calendar.